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The Waterside Christmas Choir

About us - thinking about joining?

We are mostly residents from Waterside though not necessarily regular attendees of the Christ Church congregation but if you like singing carols that’s all it takes to join! - so that’s the first hurdle past!

Not at all, as long as you like singing!

How much time must I commit to?

Choir practice is weekly until the  the service.

Time flies quickly during practice, especially when we are having so much fun singing, how ever plan for 1.5 to 2 hours (max) at a time.


Must I be a Christ Church congregation regular?

Amanda Wood

Robert Foster

Team Leaders

I joined the choir last year and had so much fun I am pleased I can join again this year!


Whilst it helps, reading music is not essential. Many of the choir members cannot sight read. After all Christmas carols are songs we have been singing since childhood so the tunes are well known!


Do I have to read music?